Making a Bequest to UAB

Donors and supporters of UAB are encouraged to remember the university in their wills and in the beneficiary designations of the life-insurance policies and IRAs or qualified retirement plans.

Simple bequests

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is part of the University of Alabama System and is governed by the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama. Charitable bequests should be made in the name of the Board of Trustees, which is the official body designated to accept testamentary gifts on behalf of UAB. The following language is suggested for an unrestricted charitable bequest to UAB or one of its schools or programs:

I give to The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama for The University of Alabama at Birmingham...

  • cash bequest... the sum of _____ dollars ($_____).
  • stock bequest ... _____ shares of common stock of __________ Corporation.
  • estate percentage... _____ percent (_____%) of the residue of my estate.

Restricted funds

To further designate your gift, please include the following language:

I request that this gift be used...

  • ...for (general scholarships, support, or research) in the School of __________.
  • establish the (name chosen by donor) fund for __________, in the School of __________ or the area of __________.
  • establish the (name chosen by donor) fund, the income of which should be used for __________, in the School of __________ or the area of __________.

Endowed vs. current use

When you include UAB in your estate plans, please remember to include in the documentation whether you would like the gift to be held in perpetuity (endowed) or used for current needs (sponsored). Please remember that we are here to help with the appropriate verbiage to ensure your intent is clearly understood.

  • An endowment fund may be designated for a specific purpose, program, or campus unit depending on the wishes of the donor, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • The allowed types of endowments and minimum donation required by UAB to establish each type can be found under "Creating an Endowment."
  • To be sure that your gift will be used exactly as you intend, UAB offers gift agreements as a service to our donors. Gift agreements are used to specify explicit details regarding the uses and limitations of your contributions according to your wishes.

Contact the Office of Planned Giving at (205) 996-7533 or for additional information on bequests or to discuss different options for including UAB in your will or estate plan.


Kimberley S. Coppock, J.D.
Sr. Director of Development
Office of Planned Giving
(205) 975-5970

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