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Planned giving can help you make a powerful and lasting difference to the UAB programs that mean the most to you. We're here to help you accomplish that through the tools and resources you'll find on these pages. We're also happy to talk with you to explore your options. Call us at (205) 996-7533 or email us at

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Why I Give

Gratitude for a Life Saved

How do you ever pay someone back for saving your life? If I could help in some small way to give back to the university for what they did for me, that is what I want to accomplish.

—Dwayne Chatoney

Student Support

When students get to school, I want them to enjoy college life, enjoy the fullness of school, instead of thinking about getting a job, worrying about accumulating debt, or having to take time off to save money. I want to give in a way that was given to me, so that someone won't have to struggle or give up on their dreams.

—Dr. Bridget Arnold Cobb

Donor Stories

Channeling a History and Forging a Future

Channeling a History and Forging a Future

“I worked for what I have. I don’t have much, but what I have, I share.” These are words Dr. Mark Berry’s grandfather would often say. It was this same sense of generosity that inspired Berry to establish an endowed engineering scholarship at UAB in his grandfather’s name.

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The Gift of Vision

The Gift of Vision

As a graduate of the optometry program, professor and current department chair, Dr. Adam Gordon’s commitment to UAB runs deep. Uncover the smart way he chose to give back in an effort to increase diverse representation in this key healthcare field.

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Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam: A Duty to Heal the World

They turned to UAB for their education and medical care. Now, the Cooks are giving back with an endowed scholarship to the Honors College to support traditionally disadvantaged students.

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